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Monitor and control energy usage on any plug load device

Easy to use web and mobile software that gives you control and insights from home, the office, or on the go!

Cloud-based energy efficiency and
demand response platform

for utilities and
utility customers

Enroll residential loads into your demand response program

Provide comfort for your customers through thermostated control of residential loads

Make third-party thermostats available through our platform

Reduce energy waste in your business

Automatically save energy on plug loads, the fastest growing energy drain in commercial buildings

See how much energy your appliances are really using

Create schedules to automatically save energy during off hours

Turnkey Utility Services

Use our data platform to monitor and control residential loads

Use our full service marketing capabilities for customer recruitment and engagement

Access retail distribution channels

Leverage our customer service expertise

Take advantage of our inventory and warehousing services

Directly engage your customers through our cloud-based software

Deploy our direct install staff for extra support

Partner with

Flexible M2M platform for creating the service offering your company needs

Integrate your hardware into our command and control platform

Create branded customer-facing web applications

Engage your customers through customized mobile apps

Adapt our hardware for your market

New York City-based ThinkEco, Inc. is a leading Internet-of-Things (IoT) technology company, providing easy-to-use energy efficiency solutions for utilities, enterprises, and homes.

ThinkEco’s patented IoT technology platform enables cloud-based energy efficient and connected home applications powered by intelligent algorithms. ThinkEco also provides an attractive customer user interface and fully functional API with which utility and technology partners can integrate.

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Find my Gateway

Got a new gateway? First, look at the back side of the box, and see if you have an ethernet or 3G gateway.

If you have an ethernet gateway:
Connect your ThinkEco Gateway to your home or office router using the included ethernet cable, then plug in the gateway power cable.

If you have a 3G gateway:
Make sure the Verizon 3G dongle is plugged in and then plug in the gateway power cable.

Once that's done, enter the ethernet MAC from the back label of your gateway.