A smarter way to stay cool

ThinkEco’s smartAC kit brings modlet smarts to all plug-in air conditioners. In addition to minute-level energy data capture and setting a customized schedule to automatically turn A/Cs on and off, set your desired room temperature using the smartAC thermostat to stay cool while saving energy.

Buy the new WiFi smartAC kit from our shop. If you don't have WiFi at home, check out our gateway smartAC kit.


Cloud connected

With the ThinkEco software and smartphone app, you can turn your A/C on and off or change the temperature setpoint from anywhere. Track your energy usage and savings plan remotely and manage your A/Cs on the go.


How it works

The smartAC’s functions are best described by our short 3-minute video.

With the smartAC kit, you can set a personalized schedule to automatically turn your A/C on and off to save energy. In addition, the smartAC thermostat remote senses the room temperature and will turn your A/C on and off to maintain a room temperature that is 1 or 2 degrees (customizable through the software) around your desired set point. Avoid over-cooling and over-spending on your energy bill.


Smart A/Cs for smart buildings and a smart grid

With electricity grid loads peaking in the summers, utilities can use the smartAC kit to manage room air conditioner loads and reduce summertime peaking. By sponsoring a demand response program and aggregating room A/C loads, utilities can raise the room temperature of users who opt in to the program by a few degrees to reduce their peak load. Meanwhile, building managers with window A/Cs in their portfolio now have the perfect tool for centrally managing units and stopping runaway energy use.

Utilities can learn more about ThinkEco’s Demand Response offering here, and building managers can learn more about our business solutions here.

Residents of New York City, San Antonio, and Baltimore may qualify for free smartAC kits with one of our utility programs.


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Find my Gateway

Got a new gateway? First, look at the back side of the box, and see if you have an ethernet or 3G gateway.

If you have an ethernet gateway:
Connect your ThinkEco Gateway to your home or office router using the included ethernet cable, then plug in the gateway power cable.

If you have a 3G gateway:
Make sure the Verizon 3G dongle is plugged in and then plug in the gateway power cable.

Once that's done, enter the ethernet MAC from the back label of your gateway.