Our technology

New York City-based ThinkEco Inc. is a leading Internet-of-Things (IoT) technology company, providing easy-to-use energy efficiency solutions for utilities, enterprises, and homes.

ThinkEco's patented IoT technology platform enables cloud-based energy efficient and connected home applications powered by intelligent algorithms. ThinkEco also provides an attractive customer user interface and fully functional API with which utility and technology partners can integrate.

The ThinkEco modlet is the first truly intelligent modern outlet. It fits into a standard wall outlet and measures minute-level power measurement and control for stopping plug load power waste.

ThinkEco's smartAC kit brings modlet smarts to all plug-in air conditioners. With the smartAC kit, users can capture their energy use, set a customize schedule, better control their room temperature, and do it all on the go.

With electric grid loads peaking in the summers, utilities can use the smartAC kit to manage their summertime peaks and offer their customers a new way to save on energy.