We wanted an easy way to save money and energy, so we created the modlet.


The modlet, or modern outlet, was designed to make it easy for anyone to understand and save energy. The modlet captures minute-level data and provides customized scheduling to automatically turn devices on and off. The modlet communicates wirelessly to the ThinkEco cloud so that connected devices are available anywhere, anytime.


The smartAC kit evolved from the modlet, bringing modlet smarts to the plug-in air conditioner. With the smartAC kit, you can set a personalized schedule or control it with a smartphone. The smartAC kit also comes with a thermostat remote senses, which senses the room temperature and will control your A/C to maintain a comfortable home.


Manage your devices on the go with ThinkEco's smartphone apps for iPhone an Android. Remotely turn your connected devices on and off or adjust your A/C temperature with a click of a button. Users enrolled in utility programs will also receive in-app notifications about upcoming demand response events.


For individuals and business users, ThinkEco's cloud based software, accessed through mymodlet.com, allows you to easily view your energy use and energy, dollar, and carbon savings. Utilities can communicate with their users through the smartAC dashboard, which can be rebranded for each unique program.

Utility solutions

ThinkEco offers a full-service turnkey demand response and energy efficiency solution through our patented modlet platform. ThinkEco will work with you to develop custom offerings around residential and commercial customer engagement, demand response, energy efficiency and R&D project.