We offer end-to-end services to ensure a seamless roll-out of energy efficiency (EE), demand response (DR) and engagement platforms.

Marketing & Recruitment

We offer full marketing and advertising agency capabilities around program execution, from concept development (program positioning, branding, messaging) to execution (art, copy, production). ThinkEco’s deep experience spans both consumer and business audiences in a wide range of marketing channels that include online, direct mail, retail and in-person recruitment.

Program Management & Incentive Processing

Our program management team is experienced in successfully implementing all aspects of a utility DR/EE program. Working closely with a utility, we recruit participants, manage customer needs, encourage EE behavior, and execute successful load reduction events. As part of the post-program operations, program managers determine incentive eligibility, deliver payment, and maintain year-round support for customer care.

Custom Technology & Third Party Integration

ThinkEco specializes in custom R&D projects and third-party technology integration. The smartAC thermostat with Con Edison and the 3G Gateway with Verizon are win-win examples of such efforts. From cloud-to-cloud integration of third-party data and controls into ThinkEco’s universal DR dashboard, to device-level technology interfacing, our R&D team provides the expertise for bridging technology gaps to generate value.

Operations, Customer Service & Fulfillment

Operations are managed from ThinkEco’s offices. We support both tier one and tier two customer service calls through a single 1-800 number and provide 24/7 email support. A single fulfillment center in NJ services all client needs including product shipments and returns.

DR Optimization & Data Analysis

Our team of data scientists uses both device- and program-level data to optimize DR performance and create load reduction forecasts for future DR events. We evaluate various baselining methods from the collected data and provide complete M&V services so that DR and EE impacts can be quantified accurately and quickly.

Customer Experience

On the residential side, we recognize that a successful program depends heavily on participant buy-in. The modlet and the ThinkEco software platform were designed with ease-of-use and engagement in mind. Customers can self-install the product and feel empowered by it, which brings installation costs down and participation rates up. Any partner product, such as a central AC thermostat, which connects to the ThinkEco platform also benefits from the software’s customer appeal.


For more information, send us a note on our contact page or email info@thinkecoinc.com.



  • Powergrid Inte rnational Customer Engagement Project of the Year
  • Bulldog Reporter Best Green Campaign For ThinkEco "It's Not Easy Being Green...Tech"
  • Bulldog Reporter Best Technology Campaign For ThinkEco "It's Not Easy Being Green...Tech"
  • AESP Outstanding Achievement in Demand Response Program and Pricing Design
  • AESP Outstanding Achievement in Residential Demand Response Program Implementation
  • PLMA Innovative Marketing
  • Innovative Star of Energy Efficiency Award
  • Green Capital Empire- The 50 most promising privately held green tech companies in NY


Customer Praise

"LOVE this program. Please keep us as part of it for years to come."

"For serious, THANKS! Thanks a whole bunch for this program. I've been in and out of town all summer so scheduling has been kind of way beyond me - especially considering my erratic comings and goings - but being able to turn off and on my a/c from a mobile device saved me this summer. My A/C bill was cut by 65% by just being able to see if it's on and turning the damn thing off; I am woefully forgetful in that regard and far beyond self-improvement. You guys are lifesavers."

"Everything! Everything was very easy from ordering, to the setup, to the app."

"It served as a consistent reminder to be more conscious of my energy usage. "

"I liked it that it was win-win. The users saved money and could enjoy cool air as soon as they got home, and the city had less energy used. "